Keepin' It Green, LLC


Keepin' It Green, LLC

Eco-friendly Landscape Maintenance

Imagine a professionally maintained lawn without the smell and noise typically associated with landscape equipment…Well, that is just we can offer you!

Keepin’ It Green, LLC is the one of the first landscape maintenance companies in Eugene offering customers, cleaner, quieter and more Eco-friendly equipment options. We utilize electric equipment for most jobs with the addition of a propane powered mower to assist with larger lawns.


Garden Restoration Services
Let us help get those garden beds looking great again! We offer complete restoration services including:

  • Manual removal of weeds and unwanted plants (no chemicals)
  • Edging around beds
  • Addition of organic compost to existing soil or hauling in of new, nutrient rich soil
  • Topping off of garden beds with mulch

Moss removal

Safe Moss Removal

Moss can be an issue. We can safely remove it!

Moss damages roofs by reducing the life of the roof. Moss can grow under the edges of the shingles and begin to lift shingles away from the roof which can cause issues and potential water damage.

With over 8 years of experience, we can be counted on to do a great job!